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Snowmobile Adventures Await While Lodging near Yellowstone

You don’t have to be an expert to cruise around on a Ski-Doo snowmobile at Yellowstone National Park. All you need is a valid driver’s license! Wrap up winter with a snowmobile adventure when lodging near Yellowstone at the Kelly Inn West Yellowstone.

Two Top Snowmobile Rentals and Yellowstone Tours

Nature and the outdoors can be a mystery at times, but you’ll be able to explore in and around Yellowstone Park on your terms on a self-guided snowmobile tour. However, for beginners, a guided tour is readily available at Two Top Snowmobile Rental and Yellowstone Tours. Whether you embark on your own or with a guide, you’ll get the most out of your thrill ride with well-marked trails through the Gallatin and Targhee National Forests.

Select your Ride

Hold on tight – the Ski-Doos at Two Top are NOT slow machines! Being comfortable on a snowmobile is key for beginners, so choose from the Ski-Doo GT Sport or Ski-Doo GT LE which include backrests and room for two. However, if an extreme adrenaline rush is what you’re after, opt for the Ski-Doo Renegade Sport or Ski-Doo Renegade Adrenaline for that extra push of excitement. Travel through mounds of snow and ice, grinning from ear to ear, as you pass by countless buffalo on the roadside, enormous elk by the stream, or a coyote making its way on the shoulder of the road. Seeing Yellowstone on a snowmobile ride will be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have while lodging near Yellowstone at the Kelly Inn West Yellowstone. You'll feel humbled by Yellowstone’s quiet, majestic beauty while passing by waterfalls, mud pots, and geysers.

Comfort is Key

Even if you’ve never driven a snowmobile before, have no fear! The snowmobiles are easy to ride, and you’ll catch on quickly after jumping on for the first time! There’s no need to pack excessive amounts of winter gear; face masks, gloves, jumpsuits, and a helmet with a full face visor are all available for rent at Two Top. Upgrade to a Ski-Doo with heated hand grips and seat warmers for optimum comfort, and remember that you’ll be outdoors and going fast!

Affordable Lodging near Yellowstone

Everything you need is accessible to you when lodging near Yellowstone at the Kelly Inn West Yellowstone. Warm up before your snowmobile adventure with free hot breakfast and a toasty cup of joe! After a long day of riding outdoors, you’ll be excited to get back to the Kelly Inn to relax in the hot tub and sauna or get cozy by the patio firepit. Book your stay at the Kelly Inn with one of our friendly staff members at 1-406-646-4544. Happy Sledding!